Stacy Rucker has had numerous Television, Music, and Modeling achievements. Stacy has been featured on Baywatch, Playboy, The Howard Stern Show , and The Anna Nicole Show. The Howard Stern show which has been aired continuously on The (E!) Entertainment Channel which she performed the song she wrote for Howard Stern several times and it is still being heard by millions on K-Rock Radio Station. The Anna Nicole Show was aired for weeks too with an appearance with her, her sweet, beautiful, and talented mother Patricia.They sang a song on the Anna Nicole Show and Stacy did a personal Interview on the show as well. Some of her music videos include ones with Dolly Parton, Billy Ray Cyrus, and Ricky Van Shelton in Nashville.

She has written music about PLAYBOY too. Hugh Hefner has also complimented her writing and singing ability by sending her a letter saying she is a very talented young lady and the song about PLAYBOY is beautiful. She has written four commercial songs for Howard Stern and three for PLAYBOY. Producing, writing, and singing all of her own original music keeps her busy in Nashville while staying busy on her website and pursuing acting as well. She has written well over a thousand songs and many poems, screenplays and continues to write.

Other interests are poetry, art, and business.

Stacy Rucker was born a Star, bubbling over with love for people and life, she has all the persistence and determination it takes to succeed in her many talents.

We hope you have enjoyed your visit to and she loves to hear from her fans!!! They are her Greatest Gift from any kind of success in the public eye.


Wow! What a write up! Thanks mom and the people who wrote that!!! You’re hired!!! I just wanted to Thank EVERY one of you for ALL of your encouragement, support and love. The OUTPOURING of it all from you has truly overwhelmed me and has really kept me going, and has truly been a very unforgettable and blessing in my entire life. (God knows it isn’t money!!! Because I don’t have much!!!) Besides, money can’t compare to all of the love you have shown me genuinely, and THAT to me, is the Greatest Gift of all. (Now I never said that Diamonds AREN’T a Girls best friend either!!!)

I hope to have alot more information written about me on the site for you to get to know me more as a person. I have had a very hard life, Ups, Downs, and In Betweens, you name it. It will be interesting to say the very least!!! I remain a dedicated Christian ( or give it my best shot!) so please feel free to email me about anything and I will answer it sincerely. I hope for you to hear my Christian music too.

Thanks again and I love you all!!!

With All My Love,