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Hey everyone, I’ve been quite private about my life so I’m going to let you in and hope you find some things interesting and get to know ME. Not just a pretty face, or a singer, writer and the other talents I have been blessed with from God. I love Comedy, Art, Performing on stage, sitting by Candlelight and writing anything that comes to me. I love having fun and having true friends that will be there when you really need them, and family. Horse back riding. Phonies make me sick, but everyone serves a purpose I guess.. I’v had a VERY hard life. But as one of my songs say ” I Will Try” and I’ve found the best way to do that is on your knees with your own hands, with help along the way until things get better, for their is always hope.

You may find this interesting, but I can’t reveal too much out of respect. CELEBRITIES I have met, I’ve met Jack Nicholson, he LOOKS like a movie! Big smile and you gotta love Jack. Cameron Diaz, One look at her in person, and I knew she was sweet, Hugh Hefner, I arrived at the Mansion for the first time, and he greeted me by leaning over and gently putting his hand on mine as to hug them, comforting me, and he has to have the softest hands in the World. Every shoot I had with Playboy, I was treated like a Queen, hell, I was treated like a Queen in the Mansion. Coming from a childhood of hate and not really having a mother nor a father, no love, that meant alot to me.

I’ve also met Weird Al Yankovic, he gave me a ride to the hotel one night from a party out there one night. My feet were so sore from walking all night in high heels, he gave me a foot massage while he spoke to me and mom. He is ALWAYS funny, very much so and enjoys making others happy. Again one night he came over with a radio, the hotel had a rooftop with a swimming pool, it was a beautiful night. He came in to me and mom’s room and talked a bit, then picked up the radio and lead me to the roof top, He didn’t know I loved surprises, we arrived at the top, he plugged the radio in, and it was a clear warm night with a beautiful full moon, then took my hand and we danced. I just loved the surprise and his thoughtfulness of me. We sat and talked for awhile underneath the umbrella in the comfortable chairs. I can’t really remember what we talked about because the night was so beautiful.

We were friends, I didn’t date any Celebrities I met, I just wanted to get to know them, my heart lies there so much, the people I met, Celebrity Movie Stars or comedians are alot different from the people in music, and believe me, I have met the most powerful producers here that could make you a Star overnight, I’ve had MORE THAN ENOUGH of “IF you date me, I’ll do THIS for you” terms from powerful people that have told me “They would help me “MAKE IT IN THE BUSINESS” Hell, I would have been on TV ten times MORE than I am now if I would have taken THAT route in my career. The HELL with THAT. I’ve done EVERYTHING ON MY OWN, with the GREAT help of my MOTHER. ALOT OF HARD, HONEST WORK. Seems heartless to me. People are supposed to HELP each other, Thank God I LOVE Christian Music. Although I I have done rock, pop, you name it, and loved it too.

I’ve never dated anyone, let alone let them use me and have sex with me to get anywhere and I never will. I could care less WHO you are. Those are the ones that can “Kiss My Ass, And See It Walk Away at the same time, and believe me, I’ve one too many opportunities to do that! Ech!

O.k. Enough about that. That’s when you give your soul away and everything you believe in. Other Celebrities I’ve met, Steven Tylor of AEROSMITH, One of my all time favorite bands, If it wasn’t for Steven Tylor SCREAMING “Dream On” when I went to his concerts, I don’t know if I would still be, who knows. But it meant alot to me hearing it. Definately a great inspiration, I was standing backstage, waiting around to get a picture with him like hundreds of others that were too, I approached him because I didn’t want to wait, he said to me “I wanted to save the best for last” and wrapped his arms around my shoulders gently and took the picture. the GREATEST thing that impressed me about him besides his music, singing, and stage performance, was that me and my brother stood around for a little while, long enough to see something that melted my heart, a boy in a wheel chair approached him, and he came to him quickly, Steven putting off everyone else just to talk to the boy, I stood there and watched, couldn’t hear much, but I heard enough, they talked for a very long time, Steven kneeling down with all of his attention to the boy in the wheelchair, then the boy thought he was taking up all of time, and said “I should go, I don’t want to bother you” and Steven Tylor grasped his wheelchar and pulled him right back to him and said ” I like to be bothered” I just felt amazed at his heart and seeing this before my yes. They talked then for alot longer, we left not before long and he was still talking to him. THAT is a true Star. To Care, to Shine, to make you feel amazed, just like you look up at the Midnight sky and see the Brightest Star Shining. I think if you want to be a Star or if you are, Be As One. Of course Stars have to be very careful, but Truly Shine as well as dealing with the business side of it, that’s just how I feel about it.

I met Kato Kalin, I was going to ask him in front of the crowd before me having a good time, “So, Kato, What REALLY happened?” But my shyness took over and I missed out on a DAMN good laugh!! I’ve met Robert Blake, I’ve met Loretta Lynn, her son, she is JUST LIKE her movie, down to earth as they come, and funny as hell not even knowing it. I just fell in love with her personality. Ean Evans of LYNYRD SKYRD, he was really sweet to me, and Gary Rossington, didn’t have ANY time with him, I got a picture RIGHT BEFORE they went on stage that time. lol! That was cool of him to shoot a picture in a rush to get on stage… Patty Loveless, Vince Gill, Porter Wagnor, the guy that’s the main host of the Grand Old Opry. He has a heart. David Hasselhoff of Baywatch, he was very good to me, when he first saw me, I was hired, and did several episodes on Baywatch, when he called me upon the beach house where they were filming, I walked up the stairs and when I aproached him, I had to look WAY up he’s so tall, and saw one set of the most beautiful eyes I’ve ever seen, I just stood there and stared. lol! While I was shooting on Baywatch, I guess he heard I was trying in music and offered for me to be introduced to his Music Producer. Is that not giving or what? The trip had taken it’s toll on me lifting mom’s HEAVY wheelchair in every cab (Hell, they MAKE light ones!) and pushing her around every where I went, she went too supporting me and being very strong and just great on the entire trip. I knew we couldn’t stay much longer, we both needed to come back, besides all the amazing things I had experienced to my trip in California, It was very, very hard on both of us. Thank God she’s out of the wheelchair! She had surgery and is walking again. We couldn’t believe it, she almost died after her surgery, I filmed most of everything. But when she turned purple and swollen, I couldn’t film anymore. Jesus…. I went into shock and a relative came in from out of State immediately and saved her after I called her and let her know what was going on.

My mom is the funniest person I have ever seen, and an Angel to boot. She has sacrificed her life for me and my brother with an bastard of a husband that destroyed any type of family we could have had, but hopefully, that will all change, I’m always thinking positive, well, ALMOST!~ I’ve also met Charlie Napier, I can’t say enough about this man, We were crossing the street and mom’s dress got caught in the wheelchair, I kept TRYING to get it out before we got HIT BY A CAR, and he appeared out of NOWHERE and quickly got her dress undone from the her wheelchair and out of the street. He then invited us out to dinner in his limo. We went to a cool little restaurant and he spent the entire time talking to mom. I also met Vince Gill. I plan on writing more about everything, in my life, and just telling all about it. But, not now, this time. If you really want to know about me and my life, here’s a long story short, I’m related to Andrew Jackson, John Singer Sargent, the best painter of his time, more known as a portriat artist, but his other works are just kickass, I’m not saying that because he was/is my cousin (Nobody ever dies) It’s just the truth. My father was a BEAUTIFUL man with a smile that would LIGHT UP THE WORLD, and always a comedian. My family on his side of 12, said that they all pretty much fell apart when he died. He was Phillip Morrison’s best salesman, and elected to go to Westpoint Academy, they pick one out of every State and the President Of The United States congradulations them them in person. But cancer took over and that’s all she wrote, all hell from there.

Without a father, I think, a girl doesn’t know important things she needs to know and doesn’t have that Father’s Love, ALWAYS searching for it somewhere, anywhere, and she gets taken advantage of. I have a million stories there alone. I never listened to mom’s advice, I didn’t listen to her at all in my life except for the past few years, I blamed her for EVERY tragedy that happened to me since I was 5 or younger probably.She does what she can, and tries to give me the best advise, and she is ALWAYS right!!! Damn it! lol! We sing out, write together and are best friends now, but she still can’t always be there, I believe in family sticking together as well as friends, NOBODY’S perfect I have found, the only Perfected Spirit is Christ. My path in life is not in MY hands nor is anyone else’s, It’s up to the Head Honcho whether you like it or not. Yet I think you still have to FOLLOW YOUR HEART using your noggin too! I’m comfortable with that, because JESUS has been,and always will be, my TRUE Father and Mother, and I trust the Spirits with EVERYTHING in me. I hope you find this interesting, or something, dunno, I’ll put some comedy up soon… THANK YOU ALL FOR BEING HERE FOR ME, I wish you REALLY knew HOW MUCH it means to me. Thanks isn’t good enough to me, Words can’t express the Miracles of Love you have shown me and I truly do love you ALL, Stay true to yourselves, Love, Stacy Rucker