Interview with Stacy Rucker

Dean S. Planet: How did you get selected to represent Hooters in Playboy?
Stacy: I shot with a photographer for the Hooters Poster and Calendar after going through the hell of all the mean waitresses bitching at management for letting me try out. He asked if I would mind if he submitted my photos to Playboy, I said o.k. Next thing I know, I’m half naked shooting for them. They then asked if I wanted to try out for Centerfold after that, but my family wasn’t prepared for that, so I declined their offer.
Dean S. Planet: How many other issues did you appear in?
Stacy: Two that I know of.
Dean S. Planet: Would you do the magazine again?
Stacy: I don’t know.

Stacy Rucker with her beloved german shepherd

Stacy: No, Hef never hit on me, he treated me with respect, compassion, and was very nice to me.

Dean S. Planet: How is your music career coming along?

Stacy: Slower than I want, but it’s coming along. I’m glad it’s not the ONLY thing I want to do!

Dean S. Planet: Who are some of your musical influences?

Stacy: I was never really influenced my anyone, I could just name bands I liked.

Dean S. Planet: When you perform live, do you often get requests for your tribute song to a certain radio personality?

Stacy: No, I haven’t , but I have sang Happy Birthday impersonating Marilyn Monroe.

Dean S. Planet: Would you ever make another appearance on the Stern show?
Stacy: Yes, I would, it’s too much fun not to!
Dean S. Planet: Do you still listen to the show?
Stacy: We don’t get Stern’s radio show in Tennessee , I watch it on the E Channel from time to to time.
Dean S. Planet: Would you consider going out with the webmaster of a rinky dink web site?
Stacy: As long as he’s not like any of my past boyfriends, I’m sure I would.
Dean S. Planet: And last but not least… Has anyone ever told you that you are the most beautiful woman they have ever seen? If not, I’m telling you now!
Stacy: Ya, but since you are telling me now, let’s leave it at that! YOU SAID IT DEAN!!!
Dean S. Planet: Thanks Stacy. To learn more about Stacy and check out her pics, visit