I hope you liked the music so far I’ve written that’s available for you to hear. I write, sing, and produce all styles of music, Christian is the closest to my heart though. I’ve been writing as long as I can remember, starting with poetry, eventually turning some of it into music. I remembered the first poem I ever wrote about, was my dad. He passed away when I was three, so I found the poem, and put some music to it, and then, some things made sense and beauty when I could hear what was written. NOW, I’ve written OVER A THOUSAND songs so far, then I QUIT counting!!! Now I don’t know WHAT IN THE HELL I’m gonna do with them all! Just hope you guys like them! Thanks for checkin’ out the Music!

Here are the lyrics for the HOWARD STERN SONG:

The Howard Stern Song

So I Want more Radio, Give me Howard Stern, Howard Stern don’t let us down, Promise us you’ll be around. You are real in a world made of gold. You Tell all the stories untold, so I want more radio, Give me Howard Stern. Give me more Howard Stern. I’m seeking the truth, I want you, give me more Howard Stern.